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City visit

You probably recognize this. You arrive in the city, so many plans, but on the first day you have no idea what to do, how to start and probably tired from the journey.

At home you have already prepared and consulted a number of apps and internet. One app knows good restaurants, the other app knows where to find the highlights. You still have to orient yourself. It dazzles in your head because of all the different and sometimes unreliable information… all the different information comes to you, you can’t imagine what that would be like. Of course you want to see the highlights, but also the special things, the hidden gems and not with a whole bunch of tourists. You want to do and see things in the open air, walk through streets with little authentic shops…

Maybe at arrival in the hotel ask if they have some tips?

…But what ifthe guest was informed in advance via your CityHost application for IPad and mobile phone, offered by the hotel, guest house or travel organizations with nice tips for their stay.

At home the guest can anticipate on their coming trip and check the tips and tours and even can read the special e-magazine about the city with extra information about the city. Like the street-art map… special markets. At the hotel or guesthouse your host can answer your additional questions, Explain the benefits, for example discount on entrance ticket or a cup of coffee for free.

An app with benefits

I’ve been working on a hospitality travel app since 2016. At first it was very extensive, too many ideas, but now I have narrowed it down to a simpler app.

I made a prototype named CityHost Tip and presented the idea and prototype to several people in hotel business and they all reacted very enthusiastic, especially on the e-magazine integrated in the app. Unfortunately they can’t invest money in it, but some were interested in collaboration. Therefore I’m looking for financial investors to get it off the ground.

You can take a peak at www.cityhost.tips and if you are interested or want more info, please contact me on karin@cityhost.tips

The older more extended version

The app will make the city visit unique and productive from the start. Tourists experience the city in a special way because the inside tips they get from their cityhost.

In many travel apps the information you get about a city will not always be reliable, sometimes even outdated! That restaurant your travel guide raved about might have moved! Even more frustrating if it turns out that during that first walk the tourist realized he passed by some beautiful monument or interesting building without knowing.

Of course you want to see the highlights as a tourist, but also other special things and not together with a whole bunch of tourists. You want to feel that your visit is special.


How nice is it to tell your friends at home about your unique experiences… and relive these moments again later in the home? Read the anecdotes, see the films you’ve made and see where you’ve been?